COCAINEJESUS – We’re Worried About You – Whole Album + Bonus

Been listening to this more than once…

01. Half Alive (Intro)
02. You Don’t Forget Girls With Grey Eyes
03. Cuffed Jeans With Ripped Knees
04. Ascension Friends
05. Crush
06. We’re Worried About You
07. Emulate Love
08. Death is a Thing of the Past
09. Flesh (ft. HKE)
10. Do You Wanna Split These Fries With Me
11. No Summer For You (ft. CVLTVRE)
12. No Direction in Particular
13. Lonesome
14. Slime Princess
15. Lil Camp Counselor
16. I Can’t Bother You If I’m Crucified

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Listen to Bonus track


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