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Mix: Oldschool 2 Eclectic Jazz Groove Funk Vienna House Mix

Se.Vero. DJ from Vienna put together a nice selection of tunes. Really goes down smooth.

Flanger – So What – Ninja Tune
LoSoul – Beat Your Bottle – Ecco.Chamber
St.Germain – Pont Des Arts – Blue Note
Faze Action – Moving Cities (Cinematic Orchestra Extended Version) – Ninja Tune
Gotan Project – Triptico (Peter Kruder Remix) – Ya Basta!
Cinematic Orchestra – Evolution II (Mr.P Remix) – Ninja Tune
Neo – Ain’t Gonna Give You Wings – Black Jazz
Re:Jazz – Mental Strength (Akufen Interpretation) – Infracom
Dub Taylor – John Wayne – Forcetracks
Fritz Pauer – Terra Samba (Soulpatrol XTND Mix) – MPS /Universal
St.Germain – Rose Rouge – Blue Note
4 Hero – The Samba (4 Hero’s Natures Plan Mix) – Far Out
The Fort Knox Five – The Big Score (Original Mix) – Fort Knox
Cesar Mariano & Cia – Futebol De Bar (Heavy Üsker Remix) – Hitop
Sun Ra – Sunset On The Night On The River Nile (Eddy & Dus Kontrapunkt Mix) – Mo’Smog
Lop:Noir – Lent Morris – Ecco.Chamber
Koop – Relaxin’ At Club F****n – Jazzanova Compost Records

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