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Mix: Ulrich Schnauss XLR8R Podcast

WOW. What should I say? As they say: It’s brilliant… “Deep Atmospheric DnB from the Golden Age”. Don’t miss this one.

“The podcast is full of mid-’90s classics; it’s a celebration of the pre-techstep era, a time when drum & bass world—or at least a sizable portion of it—celebrated deep, soulful grooves and rolling jazz rhythms.” Shawn Reynaldo XLR8R

There’s no embedded code. But listen to and download here:

Ulrich Schnauss XLR8R Podcast

01 Photek “T-Raenon” (Op-ART)
02 David Holmes “Gone (PFM Remix)” (Go! Discs)
03 Mental Power “Unknown Intelligence” (Formation)
04 Saint Etienne “The Sea (PFM Mix)” (Heavenly)
05 Lee & Gwange “2 Deep” (Legend)
06 Motive One “Life” (Certificate 18)
07 Neil Trix & Danny Mills “Pearls” (Bang-In Tunes)
08 MI5 “Experience” (Lucky Spin)
09 Odyssey “Expressions” (720 Degrees)
10 Source Direct “Secret Liaison” (Good Looking)
11 Seba “Planetary Funk Alert” (Looking Good)
12 Ethereal 77 “Somnambulism” (Dubplate)
13 DJ Crystl “Sweet Dreamz” (Dee Jay)

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