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Plastikman [full album]

Richie Hawtin in bestform. Electronic music in perfection from 1993 and 1994:

Sheet One (Full Album)

A1 Drp 1:45
A2 Plasticity 10:40
B1 Gak 5:38
B2 Spastik 9:05
C1 Plasticine 11:20
D1 Koma 4:02
D2 Vokx 0:42
D3 Smak 8:56

Musik (Full Album)

A1 Plastique (12:51)
B1 Fuk (04:25)
B2 Kriket (04:50)
C1 Konception (08:41)
C2 Goo (04:00)
D1 Marbles (09:09)
D2 Lasttrak (07:48)

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