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Vienna for the 5th time in a row the world’s Most Livable City

According to Mercer, Vienna just topped the list of the greatest cities again after doing so for the last 4 years. Growing up in Austria and having lived there for quiet a while I can confirm Vienna is a great city.

But these studies, like the one here are all just based on what a city could give to you, they don’t tell you if you would respond well to it. They are really one sided and coming from another country you could run into situations that would most likely make you wanna leave again.

I am sure there is some people who live in Mexico City and like it better there than in Vienna. And I can confirm that Mexico City is really cool. For me at least. It completely depends on, if you go to a place with your heart and then a lot of external things will not really matter anymore and you will start to love it non the less.

For people who have never been in beautiful Vienna, check out these links:

Vienna Radio FM4

and check out Vienna Hip Hop legend DJ Spompanadl mit Cest La Vie feat. MC Paradeiser

and of course the best

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