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Mix: Birth of Reggae Music by Pole

…some great dub and reggae :()

Pluggy Satchmo “23rd Psalm”
Junior Delgado ” Sons of Slave”
Michael Palmer “Don´t smoke the Seed”
Calvin Stuart “Babylon a turn dem back”
Badoo ” Rocking of the 10.000″
Gregory Isaac “Reservation”
Gregory Isaac ” House of Leo”
Lee Perry ” Bucky Skank”
Patrick Andy ” Smiling Face”
Skulls ” Tird World”
Don Carlos ” Mr Sun”
Michael Prophet ” Mash sown Rome”
Vivian Jackson “Black Starliner is coming”
Max Romeo ” Birth of Reggae Music”
Desmond Dekker ” Fumanchu”
Pluggy Satchmo “23rd Psalm”

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